Ludista de Tarefas

This is a todo list to convince you to not be productive all the time. Go get some rest. Reject productivity ideology. Being organized is not the same as beign productive. Sleep when they're working.

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What is Ludista de Tarefas?

Ludista de Tarefas is an organizational todo list app. It's leisure oriented in the sense that one could be organized just enough to live their life. Instead of productivity goals inside a given time, it has limits on your effort for days and weeks. It's the reverse of a quota to beat. Go take a nap, go play some games, and whatever happens, do not, I repeat, do not treat your leisure as work. If you still didn't pick up that book on your shelf, don't make it harder on yourself by jotting it down the same place you use to not forget to buy groceries.

But, why?

Why not? Why should a personal organization tool be based in the same oppressive logic as we have on our workplaces? Being organized is not the same as being productive. Productivity is a measure of economic performance. Do you want to be an economic performative person in your own time? The app is a tool for you to not forget your bills or send happy birthday cards. It shouldn't make you feel bad about not fixing the kitchen sink.

What's up with the name?

It's in Portuguese. List is "lista" in Portuguese and it's wordplay, because "ludista" is the word we have for Luddite. If you want, "Task Luddite" or "Task Lud-List" would be good enough translations. Go rage against the machine.

Is it Free or Open Source?

Neither. Currently, it's only source available. Here's the link for the repository. It uses the Prosperity License. The main difference with GPL and other free (as in FSF definition of free) licenses is that you cannot sell the app to other people and can not use it commercially. It has a commercial trial period, but I fail to see how someone would want an "anti-productivity" tool for commercial usage. Please note that this is not legal advice and it does not substitute reading the actual license.

But Gitlab says it's the Apache license, what's happening?

You should ask Gitlab. This is a bug on their site. If you go to the license file, it clearly says it's the Prosperity License.

Is this still in beta?

Yes. Until you go to the config page and see a 1.something in the version indicator, it is still in beta.

What's the development roadmap for this? Can I make a suggestion?

You can check it in the repo's issues. You can find me on mastodon if you want to make a suggestion to the app, or e-mail me at ludista [at] graciano [dot] me.

Who made this?

My name is Graciano and I have a website.